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These reports first appeared in the Cornard News Newsletter

November 2010



26 July 2010. Development & Planning: Cllr Sayers reported that some vehicles were being parked on the grass verge along northern end of Shawlands Avenue. Babergh District Council (BDC) has recently provided local residents with a further 64 car parking spaces. No permission has been granted for parking on this Suffolk County Council (SCC) verge. Cllr Wade commented that as Shawlands Wood should soon attain Nature Reserve Status, car parking on this verge is unacceptable. Recommendation to Full Council; A letter be sent to SCC to resolve the issue. Members also discussed the SCC response regarding the road safety issues outside the Broom Street shop. Resolved to write to SCC to highlight the failings of the recently installed railing and that the Parish Council, in view of safety issues, disagreed with the 12-month review period and to ask the Police for their input.


Policy & Finance: The Village Hall Working Party had met & agreed the work needed to raise the standard of the building. The budget had been set and the Council Manager, Michael Fitt, tasked with having the work done. Mrs. Tamlyn, Deputy Clerk, advised new fire doors would be installed & quotes for refurbishing the kitchen & toilets should be received very shortly.


13 September 2010. Full Council: Suffolk County Cllr Peter Beer was invited to submit a report concerning SCC matters to the Parish Council for the October meeting. Cllr Frances Jackson reported that the PCT had finally decided to build the new Sudbury Health Facility on the Churchfield Road site in Sudbury. Eight care-home beds would be provided at Hazel Court in Sudbury and, initially, four nursing home beds would be at a Risby, near Bury St. Edmunds. It is hoped that Hazel Court would have the necessary facilities to accommodate both nursing & care-home beds and a separate physiotherapy room. Beds at Walnuttree Hospital would be phased out but other services on the site would continue until the new health facility was built. Financial matters; Councillors were very concerned about a very high water bill (£3194.02) for Blackhouse Lane Sports Area and the Council’s Officers would investigate this.


Recreation & Leisure: BDC restriction of not emptying dog-waste bins more than 6 metres from the highway prohibits the installing of more bins within the Country Park. Recommendation; two larger dog bins be purchased to replace the existing smaller bins. A report from the recent Allotment plots survey & results of the recent survey was received. Matters were discussed and agreed most comments were on issues covered by the Allotment Tenancy & the Council’s Officers will enforce these.


Policy & Finance: Members discussed a quotation received for the repair of Stevenson Approach. Cllr Harman expressed concern about flooding near the corner of the Stevenson Centre. Agreed; to request more quotations for the work, to include flooding issues and possible benefits of installing larger grills, silt traps and the benefits of changing the gradient/camber.


11 October 2010. Full Council: The Chairman, Humphrey Todd, reported that due to heavy work commitments Cllr Robert Wade was standing down as Vice-Chair of the Council and Chair of the Policy & Finance Committee but would remain a Parish Councillor. The Chairman expressed the thanks of the Council to Cllr Wade who had done an excellent job. Cllr Frances Jackson was elected Vice-Chairman of the Council. BDC reports were received from, newly elected, Cllr Tony Bavington and Cllr Mark Newman giving updates & interesting views on meetings regarding the planned merger of BDC & Mid Suffolk District Council. Members heard that the Cornard Tye Residents Association had volunteers from within that group interested in forming a Community Speedwatch Group. They had received training from the Police and needed funding to purchase a speed-gun. Agreed; a group of Councillors would meet with Police, gather further details regarding the scheme & report back to the Council.


25 October 2010. Policy & Finance: Cllr Dean Walton was elected Chairman of this Committee.


Finally may I, on behalf of all Councillors and staff at Great Cornard Council wish you all a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.


Councillor Frances Jackson – Great Cornard Parish Council




This statement was issued after a Full Council Meeting of Great Cornard Parish Council in response to an article on page 9 of the Suffolk Free Press dated 4 November 2010 that, it has been alleged, appears to be using inaccurate details and figures in the article.


This Council wishes to disassociate itself from recent newspaper comments, made by a Parish Council member and our Suffolk Councillor, regarding a suggestion that this Council should merge with Sudbury Town Council and Chilton Parish Council.  Our Council policy is not to merge with our neighbouring councils but rather to share some services and give support on matters of mutual interest. This report has caused considerable distress to our Council staff and we feel that any future debates on this most important and sensitive issue should be conducted in a professional manner in this Council.


13 Nov 2010


Babergh Development Framework: Core Strategy

In response to Babergh District Councils Questionnaire, Great Cornard Parish Council completed the questionnaire, being the response to this stage of the consultation.


The Council is of the view that any decisions on the LDF generally should be deferred until the Babergh/Mid-Suffolk merger is completed, or cancelled. The 8 -10 year ‘land bank’ of developments already in the pipeline should be sufficient to give the District the flexibility for such a delay.


In view of the existing proposed development at Carsons Drive in Great Cornard and the development at Chilton Wood, there should be no further development for least until a 3 to 4 year review of the strategy is carried out. Elsewhere in Babergh, Great Cornard Parish Council suggested that any significant development should be undertaken only where significant employment growth is forecast. Evidence from Great Cornard indicates that having an increasing number of houses DOES NOT ensure that employment follows. If fact, during the last few years the reverse is true and a significant number of jobs have been lost.


A copy of the completed questionnaire can be viewed in the Parish Council area on www.cornard.info


13 Nov 2010


August 2010



10 May 2010. Full Council: Councillor Humphrey Todd was elected Chairman and Councillor Robert Wade Vice-Chairman for the coming year. Members then elected Councillor Frances Jackson Chairman of Development & Planning, Councillor David Thomas, Chairman of Recreation & Leisure and Councillor Robert Wade, Chairman of Policy & Finance. Councillors were advised that a resident, Mr Applegate, had kindly offered to replace a dilapidated seat on the recreation ground with a cast iron bench, in memory of his late wife, Gill, who had been Parish Clerk at Great Cornard for fourteen years. This was approved. PC Barry Simpson advised that Broom Street remained one of the local police team’s priorities and that they were visibly working with the youths to try and stop anti-social behaviour in the area. The Police were issuing Encounter Forms where necessary and if an under-aged youth were found with alcohol on three separate occasions it would become a criminal offence.


24 May 2010. Development & Planning: Councillors were concerned to hear that Suffolk Council would not be implementing the Parish Council’s proposal of having yellow lines on the roadway at the junction of Stevenson Approach and Broom Street. It had previously been reported that local police were concerned that parked cars on the junction constituted a danger to both motorists and pedestrians. Also access, to and from, Stevenson Approach was particularly difficult. Councillors shared these concerns and therefore felt that the yellow lines would enforce the traffic law. However, members were then informed that Suffolk Council would be placing an iron railing outside the shop and a white line would be painted on the road. It was agreed that a letter would be sent to Suffolk Council regarding this matter.


Recreation & Leisure: Councillor John Millins confirmed that the Local Nature Reserve group had recently visited Shawlands Wood with Mr. Bill Nickson of Natural England. Mr. Nickson had subsequently written to the Council and advised that he was happy to confirm in principle that Shawlands Wood met with Natural England’s criteria for designation as a Local Nature Reserve. The next stage would be for Babergh District Council to delegate the relevant authority to the Parish Council and Mr. Nickson would be providing the Council with the relevant forms to start the process.


Policy & Finance: In response to Sudbury Town Council’s enquiry regarding allotment land to rent, it was agreed to write confirming that Great Cornard Parish Council also had a waiting list for allotments and that the Council did not have any available land to rent. It was suggested that they consult with other neighbouring councils.


14 June 2010. Full Council: Tony Harman was co-opted on to the Parish Council. PCSO Campbell said that the police would be carrying out speed checks in Great Cornard with Canhams Road, Head Lane and Shawlands Avenue being highlighted in particular. Councillors noted that the railings have now been installed outside the Post Office at Broom Street and a reply from Suffolk County Council was awaited. A number of recommendations regarding the allotments at Blackhouse Lane were ratified. Also was resolved that the Council Manager write to all allotment holders to explain the Council’s policies and to include a questionnaire regarding their allotment needs. A meeting with the allotment holders would be held in due course.


28 June 2010. Development & Planning: Councillor Platt reported that Blackhouse Lane had deteriorated with many potholes and in some places the edge of the road was collapsing into the Black Brook. He was also concerned about the entrance to the pumping station that had been built by Persimmon. Although plans provided for this entrance to be directly on to Bures Road, a ‘temporary’ entrance had been made onto Blackhouse Lane. It was agreed that a letter be sent to the County Highways Department asking that they survey the problems at Blackhouse Lane and take remedial action. A further letter would be sent to Babergh District Council to enquire about the present situation regarding the pumping station entrance.


Recreation & Leisure: Councillor Tony Harman was co-opted to the Committee and further matters were discussed regarding the waiting list for the allotments.


Policy & Finance: Councillor Tony Harman was appointed the Council’s member with particular oversight of the accounts and was also co-opted to the Committee. Members agreed to alternately adding a County Councillor’s Report and a District Councillor’s Report to the Council agenda every two-months.


Car Boot Sales: The Car Boot Sales, held at the Stevenson Centre, finished at the end of July. May I take this opportunity, on behalf of Great Cornard Parish Council, to thank all who helped and supported these events. To Brian Crawley, our Caretaker, who opened the Stevenson Centre and also Carol & Humphrey Todd and Ann & Leon Harper-Clark for standing out in ‘all’ weathers. The £1090 raised will be added to the Chairman’s Benevolent Fund and some of the money used for the annual over 60’s Christmas Party in December.


Councillor Frances Jackson - Great Cornard Parish Council


May 2010



8 February 2010

Development & Planning:  It was agreed to recommend to full Council that Suffolk County Council’s proposal to provide a barrier on the Carson’s Drive Green by the planting of a hedge, should be accepted. Councillors also agreed a further recommendation to approve the plans for Suffolk County Council to introduce a waiting prohibition scheme along Stannard Way / Bures Road junction.


22 February 2010

Development & Planning:  Councillor Sayers expressed concern regarding the apparent lack of action regarding cars parked on the verge on Shawlands Avenue. Parking spaces had now been provided for residents and therefore parking on this verge should be discontinued as it was considered dangerous. The Council Manager reported that this verge belonged to Suffolk County Council and they had been made aware on several occasions of the dangers caused by this parking. The Committee agreed that our County Councillor will be contacted with a view to progress the matter.


8 March 2010

Full Council Meeting:  The Chairman congratulated Councillors Tony Platt and Marion Press on their recent by-election success and welcomed them to the Council.  Sergeant Watson presented the Police Report and thanked the Parish Council for its co-operation during the recent ‘Say No to Knives Campaign’. The project had been a great success with around 200 knives being surrendered and subsequently destroyed in the Sudbury/Great Cornard area. Councillor Mrs Press asked if there were plans to install further dog bins around the village to help alleviate the problem with dog fouling. The Council Manager advised that the Parish Council has around 40 dog bins and they were located in strategic positions around the village.


22 March 2010

Development & Planning:  Councillors discussed the Carson’s Drive planning application. After much discussion, Councillors recommended refusal on the following grounds: Road Traffic/Access, Local Services/ Infrastructure, Site Layout/Elevations and Environmental concerns. The Chairman expressed her thanks to residents who had attended the planning and public meetings and given their views on the development, which had proved very informative and useful. She also thanked councillors and council staff who had put in a great deal of extra work when dealing with this matter. Click this hyperlink to read the response.


Recreation & Leisure:  The Council Manager advised that there were a number of questions regarding the allotments at Backhouse Lane, which the Council needed to consider and formulate a clear policy. It was therefore agreed that a working party be formed to consider these matters and this group would then report back to the Committee.


Policy & Finance:  The Council Manager advised that the Council had received a petition of 500 signatures calling for the Parish Council to install dog bins around the Great Cornard Upper School playing fields. A previous request had been denied by the Council on the basis that people should not be exercising their dogs on a school field and installing dog bins would encourage dog exercising here. The school fields are not under the Council’s jurisdiction and there is no access for Babergh District Council to empty the bins. After some discussion, it was resolved to form a working party with other interested parties and to meet as soon as possible.


26 April 2010

Full Council Meeting:  The Chairman welcomed newly elected Councillor Colin Wright to the meeting. Councillors agreed to sponsor a floral display in the Community Flower Festival at St. Andrew’s Church in June.   


Councillor Frances Jackson - Great Cornard Parish Council




23 November 2009. Development & Planning.  Babergh District Council consulted the Parish Council regarding the redevelopment of the Sudbury Hamilton Road Quarter. The options provided retail, leisure and housing facilities, together with provision for a new bus station or bus waiting area nearby. Members felt it was important for Great Cornard to comment on these proposals and it was agreed that Councillors Mrs Jackson and Mrs Todd should meet with the Council Manager to formulate a response based on the discussions.


Recreation & Leisure.  Councillors were pleased to note that the Council was now purchasing eight pieces of outdoor adult exercise equipment for £300 less than the original quote. Planning Gain Money from Babergh District Council would fund the total cost. Also, at very short notice, the suppliers had informed the Council that they could install immediately and therefore the equipment was now in place at the Stevenson Centre.


Great Cornard Cricket Club have requested a review of the cricket outfield at Backhouse Lane as the ground had become very worn and bumpy and had caused cricket balls to bounce in an unpredictable manner. It was agreed that Suffolk County Council Grounds Maintenance department be asked to review the field’s condition and advise accordingly.


A discussion then followed regarding the extension of allotments at Backhouse Lane. Plans to erect a fence and extend the allotments would create 22 plots at an approximate cost of £4,250. This would include hand clearing the brambles from the current fence line to prevent the destruction of reptiles hibernating below ground. Members discussed the relatively high cost to create these new allotments. It was possible that some people may give up their allotments in the New Year that would reduce the waiting list. The Chairman, Councillor Newman, proposed that this work should be carried out but was not seconded. A further proposal by Councillor Walton was carried and it was agreed to recommend to Council that the work to remove the brambles be carried out at a cost of £500 and that the Council monitors the situation with regards to the extension of the allotments, based on the waiting list as at the end of January 2010. At the end of the meeting, Councillor Newman announced he was resigning as Chairman of the Recreation & Leisure Committee, with immediate effect.


Policy & Finance.  The Council had received correspondence from residents regarding the removal of the Hedgerows village sign. After taking this into consideration, it was agreed to recommend to full Council that the sign remain and renovation work be carried out at a cost of £260.


14 December 2009.  In the Chairman’s address at the full Council meeting, Councillor Todd announced with great sadness, the death of Gillian Applegate. She had been Parish Clerk for Great Cornard for 14 years and would be greatly missed.


The Chairman also announced that Councillor Robert Sims had resigned from the Council. The over 60’s Christmas Tea Party, funded by the Recreation Ground car boot sales, had been a great success, with the largest ever numbers attending. He thanked everyone who had helped organise the event.

Councillors agreed to accept the recommendation that the allotment fees be increased to £16 p.a. for 2010, £20 p.a. in 2011 and £24 p.a. in 2012. The smaller sized allotments would remain at £12 p.a. for this same period. Councillors were informed that the Stevenson Centre was in need of further improvements and it was resolved that a sub-committee be formed to review the possible refurbishment and upgrade of the Stevenson Centre kitchen and toilets.


Councillor Frances Jackson - Great Cornard South


November 2009



27 July 2009.  The Development & Planning Committee agreed to support Suffolk County Council’s proposal to install formal bus stops in Carsons/Kempson Drive. Councillors also heard that the local Safer Neighbourhood Team had suggested the installation of a short strip of double yellow lines at the Broom Street/Stevenson Approach junction. This area was frequently congested and access difficult to and from the Stevenson Centre. The Committee agreed to recommend that the Police should be supported in this suggestion and the County Councillor and the County Highways Department be contacted accordingly.


28 September 2009.  Councillor Newman advised the Recreation & Leisure Committee that the litterbin along Phillips Field Road had disappeared and had never been replaced. As many school children use the road a further bin was required. It was agreed to recommend that a further litterbin be installed at a cost of £250 plus VAT. Councillors were further dismayed to learn that the dog bin in Hartest Way was being emptied by persons unknown and the contents thrown into the road on a regular basis. The Community Warden had advised that a new lockable bin was needed. The Committee agreed to recommend that a new lockable bin be installed at a cost of £225 plus VAT.


Policy & Finance Committee:  Following the recent resignation of Councillor Proctor from this Committee, it was agreed that Councillor Dean Walton should take his place. Members elected him to serve as Vice Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee and he also joined the Human Resources Committee. As a new member was also required on the Village Hall Working Party, Councillor Jackson volunteered and was duly elected.


After much discussion regarding a possible Council website, it was agreed to recommend to Full Council that www.cornard.info remain the Council’s preferred website and not to create a duplicate Parish Council website. The Council Manager would also liaise with the resident regarding a contribution towards the running costs of the website and report back to the committee in due course. Councillors also reviewed some quotations that gave various options for work to be carried out on the Hedgerows Village sign, near Turkentine Close, that was in poor repair. As it would be very costly for the Parish Council to refurbish the sign, it was finally agreed to recommend that the sign be dismantled.


12 October 2009.  The Parish Council Chairman, Humphrey Todd, announced that the Parish Council had received a grant for the full cost of the adult exercise equipment to be installed in the grounds of the Stevenson Centre. He said the money that the Parish Council had set aside for this equipment, could now be used elsewhere and this was very pleasing news.


And finally, may I, on behalf of all Parish Councillors and the Parish Council Staff wish you and your family A Very Happy Christmas and A Prosperous New Year.


Councillor Frances Jackson - Great Cornard South


August 2009


11th May 2009.  At the Annual Meeting of the full council, Humphrey Todd was elected Chairman of the Council and Robert Wade elected as Vice-Chairman for the coming year. In his address, the Chairman said he looked forward to the coming year and paid tribute to the previous Chairman, Peter Beer. The membership of the Council Committees was then voted upon and the following councillors were elected as Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively. Frances Jackson and Carol Todd: Development & Planning, Mark Newman and David Thomas: Recreation and Leisure and Robert Wade and Neville Proctor: Policies & Finance. The representatives on official bodies were then elected.


It was agreed to accept the recommendation from the Recreation & Leisure Committee that tree works should be carried out in the area bordering the Recreation Ground so as to create light into nearby gardens. A recommendation for the provision of a stile at Shawlands Wood was also accepted. Council also accepted a report from the Policy & Finance Committee that this committee was satisfied with all the precautions and procedures in place regarding the Stevenson Centre Fire/Emergency Evacuation Procedures.


8th June 2009.  Councillors discussed grant applications for 2009/2010 received from local groups and associations. T.A.N.K. Residents Group, Sudbury Community First Responders Scheme, West Suffolk Association for the Blind, Suffolk County Council Youth Service, Optua, D.A.S.H., START Community Transport, the Eden’s Project and the Citizens Advice Bureau have all benefited from grants, with some applications still to be decided. It was also resolved that the 1st Great Cornard Scout Group would receive £900 towards the cost of the annual firework display. Council also approved a £1.00 per head entrance fee with children in pushchairs free.


22nd June 2009. At the Development & Planning Committee meeting, Councillors received correspondence from Suffolk County Council, relating to traffic issues in Broom Street and parking problems in Blackhouse Lane. Referring to Broom Street, Suffolk County Council stated that an additional illuminated sign had been erected so that the signing meets the requirements for the police to enforce the Access Only order. If this has had no effect, it was doubtful if any additional signing or lining would make any difference. 20mph speed limits are only implemented in exceptional circumstances and there was no proposal to implement one in Broom Street. The committee decided that no further action could be taken regarding this particular issue.


Referring to Blackhouse Lane, Suffolk County Council stated that where there were problems because of parking for the football matches, it was the responsibility of the Club to manage the car parking. With Suffolk Council’s approval, the Parish Council could put earth bunds or planting on the verge to stop parking, but it was likely that drivers would still find somewhere to park in the vicinity and cause further problems. The committee recommended that this matter should be pursued with the football club and passed to the Recreation & Leisure Committee for attention.


Finally, I would like to point out on behalf of the Parish Council that it continues to have problems with off-road motorbikes using the area within Shawlands Woods. Residents should be aware that there is a local by-law banning these bikes from Council property and, if they persist, offenders should expect action from the police.


Councillor Frances Jackson - Great Cornard South


May 2009


9 February 2009.  The Parish Council Chairman announced that the Boundary Commission had advised that the deadline for the announcement of their recommendation for local government in Suffolk, would not now take place until 15 July 2009. Therefore the County Council elections would be held in June. Councillors were pleased to hear that the swing seat for disabled children in the play area at the Stevenson Centre had now been replaced following the earlier theft of the first one.


A report on the grass cutting and maintenance contract at Great Cornard Country Park was fully discussed and the Council Officers were complimented on the success of the negotiations. It was resolved that the Council should terminate the contract with Suffolk County Council Grounds Services, in respect of the Country Park, and enter a new contract with Sudbury Common Lands Charity and this came into effect 1st April 2009.


Other items were that Councillors approved the replacement of a street light in St. Andrew’s Road at a cost of £1,495.89 plus VAT and it was agreed that the matter of extending the Allotment area be deferred until September 2009 when the waiting list could be reviewed and the newly formed Allotment Association will have had time to establish itself.


9 March 2009.  Section 106 Agreements. It was reported that after the installation of the inclusive swing seat, the remaining £400 was to be used towards improving access for the disabled at the Blackhouse Lane pavilion. Councillors noted that bottle/clothing banks had now been installed at both the Stevenson Centre and Blackhouse Lane.


Councillor Jackson, the Council’s representative on the WATCH group, confirmed that she had written a letter to the Health Scrutiny Committee at Suffolk County Council, regarding the Council’s concern at the lack of a decision on a suitable site for the proposed health facility. She assured the Council that there had been a great deal of work and planning behind the scenes and a public announcement from the group would be made at an appropriate time. Councillor Beer, who sits on the Health Scrutiny Committee, also expressed his concern about the site issues and also agreed that much was being discussed at County level.


23 March 2009.  It was reported to the Policy & Finance Committee that the Match Funded Police Community Support Officer was currently in training with PCSO Hannah Bitten around Great Cornard. Concern was expressed regarding the village sign at the Hedgerows area and Councillors were asked to inspect this before any decision is made on its future.


2 April 2009.  The Cemetery Working Party met and Councillors heard that the new forecourt specifically created for parking at the Cemetery, was being misused despite a new sign being installed there. The Committee agreed that a letter should be sent to local residents, explaining that whilst the parking spaces could be used overnight, they must be left clear for visitors to the cemetery during the day and at weekends.


Roses from Cants of Colchester would be purchased for the memorial rose garden at the Cemetery. Members of the public interested in sponsorship would be asked to sponsor the rose garden as a whole, rather than individual rose trees. Upon receipt of a minimum of £10 in sponsorship, their name, and that of the person to be commemorated, would be entered into a book to be housed in the newly renovated cemetery building. Councillors were pleased to note that there was already considerable interest in this scheme.  All funds received would be used for the upkeep of the rose garden.


Councillor Frances Jackson - Great Cornard South


February 2009


The one certainty in life is regrettably, death. For this reason the Village Cemetery is an important place in the village - it is a sanctuary where relatives can reflect quietly on the life of the beloved deceased and can come to terms with their grief.


Two years ago the Parish Council unanimously agreed that the Cemetery had become unacceptably unkempt and needed a major restoration and facelift. To work out the details it set up a working party of 5 councillors and a member of the public supported by the Council Manager. They produced a brief for the Architect, David Lambert, who in turn produced drawings for a local builder, A. Gillibrand and Sons.


The work is nearly finished and it is possible to see the dramatic improvements, so if you have an opportunity of seeing the cemetery it would be well worth your while to do so.


The principal improvements are:

  • The Main Entrance has been dramatically improved by the installation of new wrought iron gates, improved vehicle access & parking, a renewed road surface, and an entrance for a new pathway.

  • Parish Councillors Carol Todd, Ann Harper-Clark and her husband Leon, are repainting the cemetery building inside. 

  • The surplus roadway and piece of hedge has been removed from the approach to the entrance and concreted over with a new drain cover and an extra section of wall.

The total cost has come to £18,579 and we would like to thank the local resident who very generously paid for the wooden fencing to the left of the main entrance, and to the volunteers who helped clean up and paint during the renovation process.


Councillor Humphrey Todd – Parish Council Vice Chairman




The Boot Sales are a very popular event in Great Cornard with all proceeds going to local good causes.

This year the Car Boot Sales start on the last two Saturdays in May, four Saturdays in June and four Saturdays in July, namely:


May 23, 30, June 6, 13, 20, 27, July 4, 11, 18 & 25.


The gate will be open to Stallholders at 10.30am and to the ‘booters’ at 12.00noon, until 3.30pm.


We will keep our charges to £5.00 per table and public admission will be free.


Looking forward to seeing you there.


Carol and Humphrey Todd – Parish Councillors


November 2008


It has been a busy time for the Council over the past few months with many issues discussed. As previously reported, Councils were consulted regarding the proposed local government reorganisation and in August, the Council supported the One Suffolk unitary option as it was felt that the alternative West/East option was unbalanced between different parts of the County.


The Parish Council again recommended refusal regarding the extraction of sand and gravel at Chilton on the same grounds as previously submitted, with the additional comment that a roundabout would not resolve the traffic issues along the A134.


The annual Christmas Tea, funded by Car Boot sales on the Recreation Ground, will take place at the Stevenson Centre at 2 pm on 10 December 2008. Councillors Humphrey & Carol Todd (husband & wife) and Councillor Ann Harper-Clark have worked hard in organising and running the Car Boot sales that raised this money and it is hoped there will be some funds available for other good causes. If you are a Great Cornard resident who is over 60 and would like to attend the Christmas Tea, please contact the Council Office on (01787) 373212 before the end of November 2008 so that your name can be added to the list.


Councillors are concerned that there is a waiting list for allotments within the parish. A field, purchased some years ago, could be used for extra allotments and the Council will look at the possibility of extending the allotment provision early in 2009. Meanwhile the Parish Council Allotment Competition has been very well received by the allotment holders. Councillors have been pleased with the way the allotments have been enthusiastically maintained and, at the end of October 2008, prizes were awarded at a reception at the Stevenson Centre attended by Tim Yeo MP, Councillors and allotment holders.


The Council would like to obtain local Nature Reserve status at Shawlands Wood but this status cannot be applied for until this area is clean and remains free from fly-tipping and litter. In spite of valiant attempts by Councillors, other volunteers and the Community Warden, the area is still plagued with rubbish. We seek co-operation from the public in this matter and hope that unwanted goods and litter will not be strewn over Great Cornard and instead, will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.


May I say on behalf of all Councillors, we do care about the Country Park and environmental issues in and around Great Cornard, just as we care about our growing population and the resultant effects on local services, facilities, roads and other infrastructure. The future may be challenging for us but we will do our very best to protect and conserve the beautiful countryside surrounding Great Cornard, whilst endeavouring to meet the needs and aspirations of our residents.


Finally, for your Diary, The Stevenson Centre will be closed, in line with other local Councils, for the Christmas period from 4pm on Wednesday 24 December 2008 until 9am on Monday 5 January 2009.


Frances Jackson - Councillor for Great Cornard South


August 2008

Another planning issue has reared its head again – namely, Gravel Extraction in Chilton. The Council, along with Chilton Parish Council and Sudbury Town Council, vigorously opposed this and Suffolk County Council also turned it down. Now we learn the applicant has appealed against this decision, and has also put in a further application that would require a roundabout on the busy A134 road near Wyevales. We will oppose both the application AND the appeal!


You may have noticed on recent Saturdays the presence of Car Boot sales on the Recreation Ground, the last one for 2008 being held on 30th August. They are popular (when the sun shines) and raise funds for local good causes. We have beaten our target of £500 for the Senior Citizens Christmas tea and will have some funds available for other good local causes. The Christmas tea will be held on the 10th December 2008 in The Stevenson Centre at 2.00pm.


You will have heard about the proposed Local Government re-organisation in which all the District Councils in Suffolk will be abolished along with the present County Council. One or more ‘Unitary Authority’ will replace the Councils and these will take over the responsibilities of the Districts and County. Unfortunately there is not enough space in Cornard News to describe this in more detail, but if you are interested, information can be gathered from the website www.boundarycommittee.org.uk  


Please see the Boundary Committee page on this website for the latest information. If you feel a public meeting would be helpful to ask questions and express an opinion, please phone (01787) 373212 and let me know.


In the meantime work on the Parish Council’s planned improvements to the Cemetery entrance has been scheduled to start by the end of August 2008. The plans include moving the gates to create a couple of parking spaces in front of them; not for long-term parking, as access is needed all the time, but available for people who are making a short visit to the cemetery. At the same time the flowerbeds will have new retaining walls and the drive itself will be re-surfaced.


Cllr. Humphrey Todd – Vice Chairman


May 2008

28 January 2008. The Recreation & Leisure Committee agreed to recommend to Full Council the installation, at the picnic area in the Country Park, of up to 5 concrete pads with fixings, together with wooden picnic tables, with an overall budget of £1,500. It was further recommended that a bottle bank and clothing bank be installed at the Stevenson Centre, as well as a bottle bank on the car park at Blackhouse Lane.


11 February 2008. Frances Jackson gave a further update on Walnuttree Hospital and reported that the Independent Reconfiguration Panel had reported back to the Health Secretary with a list of recommendations. All services should be retained in Sudbury in the new facility with the exception of Audiology. St. Leonard’s hospital would eventually close and all services would be run from Walnuttree until the new centre was built. Councillor Jackson added there was currently some discussion as to the interpretation of the expressions ‘provision’ and ‘access’ regarding the three types of beds mentioned in the report and it was hoped that all these beds would be in Sudbury and not elsewhere. A Locality Group would be set up to discuss and advise on the new facility.


25 February 2008. Babergh District Council consulted the Development & Planning Committee on the Local Validation requirements. Councillors were informed that from April this year, there would be a legal obligation for planning applications to be submitted on a national standard application form. Councillors were happy to accept the paper and it was hoped that the new system would bring about a greater clarity regarding the plans. However, the point was made that it was hoped that the new arrangements would not impose higher costs to applicants.


Suffolk County Council asked the Development & Planning Committee for a response to a Highways Safety audit in connection with the proposed sand and gravel quarry at Chilton. Councillors continued to have concerns about the increase in the volume of traffic that this quarry would cause and the access road leading on to the A134, which was a dangerous stretch of road where many accidents had occurred. Also they believed that it was imperative that a roundabout should be the only solution considered for the access to the site.


10 March 2008. The Council Chairman, in his role as County Councillor for Great Cornard, had attended a meeting concerning the re-organisation of local government in the County. He reported that it was probable that both Suffolk County Council and Babergh District Council would cease to exist, to be replaced by one unitary authority. Districts to the west of the county, however, were suggesting two authorities with an East/West split. The present County Council, due for re-election in 2009 would continue for a further year, but shadow elections for the new authority would be held instead. Babergh District Council would continue for a further three years, the life of the current Council.


The Chairman also announced that the County Council had declined the application to Suffolk County Council for gravel extraction at Chilton. Councillors ratified the recommendation from the Recreation & Leisure Committee, that the Council’s woodland to the north/east of Shawlands Avenue be named, for the moment, ‘Shawlands Wood’. However, if and when the wood obtained ‘Nature Reserve’ status, the Council may re-consider the name. It was also agreed to accept a further recommendation that the Council should install a dog waste bin at the entrance to Shawlands Wood opposite the Poplar Road turning.


Frances Jackson - Councillor for Great Cornard South




It seems such a short time ago that I walked past the Great Cornard Cemetery and commented on the improvements taking place there but yet another winter has come and gone. Recently I took another look at the progress being made by the volunteers – and what a change. The entire gate area has been cleaned & tidied and new gates confirmed to the visitor that what lay within was treated with the respect deserving of its purpose. All of the uncontrolled bushes growing to the side lane had been cut out, and a new fence – generously donated – had been installed. Within the gates the nearby border areas had been cleared of weeds and towards the end of the short drive the small building had acquired a coat of paint, with unsightly wood being either removed or tidied.


Looking about the grounds, it was clear that other changes had taken place, too. Blossom on trees and bushes is beckoning the arrival of spring; hopefully bringing renewed strength to those who had placed so many beautiful flowers on the memorials of their loved ones. Turning to leave I noticed, across the rooftops, that St. Andrews Church was receiving its own renovation with work on repairing the roof well advanced. Surrounded as I was by the tending of things, the tending of memories, and the more distant tending of hopes I could not help but reflect on the cycle of life at the heart of this, and every, community.


Cllr. Robert Wade - Great Cornard North Ward


February 2008

24 September 2007. At the Recreation & Leisure Committee meeting, the Council Manager informed members that the Play Equipment for the Hedgerows play area should be installed in November. A shortfall of £700 would be provided from County Councillor Peter Beer’s Locality Budget, and Community Services would be organising a group to re-paint the play equipment already there.


The Council Manager also advised Councillors that the BMX site in Sudbury would have to be relocated by April 2008. For several years Great Cornard Parish Council had mooted the idea of creating a leisure facility for young Cornard residents on the disused piece of tarmac opposite KFC fast food outlet. Babergh District Council owns the site and Sudbury Town Council had already voted that this land would be an ideal location to relocate the BMX Park. If Councillors agreed, this would be a three-way project between Babergh District Council, Great Cornard Parish Council and Sudbury Town Council. Councillors resolved to accept the recommendation, adding that the brief should be changed to ‘Shawlands Avenue BMX & Skate Boarding Park’. This was ratified at the Full Parish Council meeting held on 8 October 2007.


12 November 2007. Following a recent resignation, Councillors elected Humphrey Todd as Vice-Chairman of the Council, Frances Jackson as Chairman of Development & Planning and Robert Wade as Vice-Chairman of Development & Planning. David Thomas was elected to fill the vacancy on the Policies & Finance Committee. Following a discussion later in the meeting, Dean Walton was nominated for the position of Council Environmental Champion and was duly elected. It was further agreed that a Country Park Management Committee should be created. Councillors David Thomas, John Millins, Dean Walton and John Sayers would form a new Country Park Working Party and Mr. George Millins would be invited to join them.


14 January 2008. At the meeting, the Chairman welcomed the newly elected Councillor Carol Webb, to the meeting. She would also serve on the Development & Planning Committee. Councillors were asked to consider a proposal to hold a school concert on a field adjacent to the Country Park. A majority of Councillors expressed a wish that they were in favour of this idea, subject to conditions relating to control and supervision of the event.


Councillors were also informed that the enquiry relating to health services in Sudbury had drawn to a close and it would be a month or so before the Secretary of State for Health would make his decision. Councillor Jackson reported that health services continued to be under threat and 8 beds had been closed at Walnuttree Hospital and there had been a shortage of cleaners at the hospital. Attempts had been made to withdraw outpatient hospital transport and there were now staff shortages at the physiotherapy department. It was hoped that the much-awaited decision by the Secretary of State, would ensure that full health services would remain in Sudbury.


Frances Jackson – Councillor for Great Cornard South 


November 2007

10 September 2007 - At the full Council meeting, it was agreed that the St. Andrew’s Church Senior Citizens Lunch Club could use the facilities at the Stevenson Centre free of charge. Councillors were very happy to support the Church in this venture and hoped it would be very successful.


24 September 2007 - The Council Manager reported to councillors at the Policies & Finance Committee that some notice boards in the village were being misused by residents. The boards were for the display of public notices but in some locations these were being removed. Also, some residents were using the boards for private advertising purposes. Councillor Peter Beer confirmed that it had always been Council Policy not to allow political parties, private business or enterprises to us the Council’s notice boards.


10 October 2007 - A recommendation from the Recreation & Leisure Committee presented to the full council meeting was given full support by councillors. It was agreed that the rent of an allotment would rise from £10 to £12 per year and allotment holders would sign new contracts stating that ‘If an Allotment is not used in a three-month period, the holder will have to return the allotment and a part refund be offered’. Also to encourage allotment holders to keep their allotments in good order, the Council will introduce a ‘Best Kept Allotment’ competition – details yet to be announced.


Local Health Services. Councillors were informed that The Independent Re-configuration Panel from London had started their investigations by interviewing the staff at the Sudbury Hospitals. Many people would become involved, including campaigners WATCH!  The Panel were due to report back to the Health Secretary by 31 December 2007.


The Chairman of the Council announced the sudden resignation of Councillor Mrs Christina Baker, who was Vice-Chairman of the Council and Chairman of the Planning Committee. He paid tribute to her hard work for the community and said she would be greatly missed by everyone.


Frances Jackson – Councillor for Great Cornard South




Following the Parish Council elections in May I walked the North Cornard area to see things for myself.  At my first Council meeting I aired my views, expressing some concerns for the cemetery. It needed tidying to present the right mood for visitors to honour their loved ones. My fellow councillors had reached the same conclusions and discussions moved to the Cemetery Working Party. Over recent weeks their reports have been presented in Council and I followed them with interest.


Recently I dropped my car at a local garage for some repairs and walked home. My route took me past the cemetery. Again I decided to see for myself.  And a pleasant surprise it was; vegetation had been cleared away from the entrance, the gates had gone for repair, the storage shelter was attracting attention and the grounds tended. Further improvements are planned; I have every confidence in the Working Party fulfilling them.


Cllr. Robert Wade - Great Cornard North Ward


August 2007

14 May 2007 - At the Annual Council Meeting, Peter Beer was elected Chairman of the Council and Christina Baker as Vice-Chairman. The Chairman welcomed the new members to the Council that now consisted of fourteen Conservative Councillors. He outlined a number of projects that the Council would be working on over the next four years which included, continuing to monitor the emptying of dog and litter bins, improvements to the Cemetery and the Country Park and involvement with plans for a proposed circular footpath around Great Cornard and the surrounding area.


Committee membership was discussed and appointments made:

Planning Committee: Chairman - Christina Baker & Vice-Chairman - Frances Jackson.

Recreation and Leisure Committee: Chairman - Mark Newman & Vice-Chairman - David Thomas.

Policy & Finance Committee: Chairman - Humphrey Todd & Vice-Chairman - Neville Proctor.

Finally, representatives were elected on to the Official Bodies.


The Rev. Jamie Allen addressed the Council. He thanked the Council for their continued support, outlined plans for further improvements at the Church and said that fund-raising activities had raised 50% of the £250,000 target. The Church now had a flourishing Youth Choir with over 35 children attending and the possibility of employing a Youth Outreach Worker was being considered. Also being considered was a lunch club for senior citizens of Great Cornard and the Church would be looking to the Council to work together to get this project up and running.


11 June 2007 - Councillors approved the first phase of grants to local organisations.

Suffolk Royals - £540

Sudbury Hockey Club - £200

West Suffolk Association for the Blind - £150

Home-Start Babergh - £300

Sudbury First Responders - £250

Suffolk Accident Rescue - £250

START Community Transport - £100

Relate - £200

Woodland – BATS (Biodiversity Around Towns Scheme) - £150

Sudbury WATCH (Working & Acting Together for a Community Hospital) £200


04 July 2007 - Councillors discussed a request from Cornard United Football Club who had been approached by H3G of Cambridge for permission to erect a mobile telephone antenna on one of the floodlight pylons at Blackhouse Lane. The Council, who are landlords of the Blackhouse Lane premises, refused permission as the antenna would be close to local schools, leisure facilities and residential development.


09 July 2007 - Frances Jackson reported that following a referral of health plans by the Health Scrutiny Committee of Suffolk Council to the Health Secretary the new Secretary of State would be forwarding these plans to an Independent Reconfiguration Panel, who would conduct a review of health care in West Suffolk.


Frances Jackson – Councillor for Great Cornard South


May 2007

At the Full Council meeting on 12 February 2007, the Chairman reported that the Youth Shelter had been erected on the Recreation Ground and, hopefully this would encourage youngsters to congregate away from the shop and Children’s Play Area.

  • The Council Manager presented a report on energy saving proposals for the Council’s streetlights and Councillors made the following recommendations:

  • The Council ensures that any new columns installed will be the most cost effective & environmentally friendly type.

  • The Council would await further developments from Suffolk County Council’s appraisal of the Leafnut system, or other suitable energy saving solutions.

  • The County Council should be informed of our interest in this system and be asked to keep the Parish Council informed as to the project’s progress.

A member of the public brought to the Council’s attention the bad state of repair of the Great Cornard Cemetery gates and the neglected surrounding area. The Burial Authority subsequently discussed this matter on 12 February 2007. Councillors agreed that this whole area needed attention, were asked to visit the cemetery and note any improvements that could be made. It was agreed that the Community Warden could use the Cemetery Office as a base and the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) could also be offered the use of this building.


The Recreation & Leisure Committee met on 26 February 2007, and the Chairman reported that a recent meeting between councillors and representatives of Cornard Dynamos had been constructive and an agreement had been reached regarding the lease of the Blackhouse Lane Pavilion. Councillors therefore recommended this draft agreement to the full Council.


At the Council meeting on 12 March 2007, the Chairman welcomed PCSO Hannah Bitten. She advised the Council that she would be joined on the 27 April 2007 by a second PCSO, Peter Thompson, who will also be assigned to Great Cornard. As part of the new ‘Safer Neighbourhood’ scheme, it is envisaged that each Great Cornard PCSO will be assigned a specific area of responsibility within the Parish.


The Council accepted the recommendation of the Development & Planning Meeting to respond positively to a resident of Eldred Drive for a request for a footpath in Wells Hall Road at the school area and the matter to be referred to Suffolk Council. Councillor Mrs Baker also reported that, on a busy day, she had met with the resident concerned as well as a representative from Suffolk Council and PCSO Bitten. A number of solutions were discussed and it was agreed that Suffolk Council would look into these options in more detail.


At the last meeting of the present Council on 23 April 2007, Chairman Peter Beer announced that Councillors Derek Allen and Martin Fryer were both standing down. He thanked them for their contribution and commitment to the Parish Council.


Frances Jackson – Councillor for Great Cornard South


February 2007

On 13 October 2006 Councillors accepted the recommendation of the Recreation and Leisure Committee that a Trojan Youth Shelter should be ordered and erected on the Recreation Ground at the Stevenson Centre. Although primarily intended for young people, Councillors hope that residents of all ages will make use of this amenity. Grants to cover the cost of the shelter have been awarded by Babergh District Council and also from the locality budget of Suffolk Councillor Peter Beer. It is hoped that the shelter will be installed by early spring.


The Christmas party held for the over 60’s in December was very successful with over 100 residents attending. The choir of St. Andrew’s Church, made up of local school children and led by the Reverend Jamie Allen, together with pupils from Great Cornard Middle School, who waited at tables, made this a real community event. Council Chairman, Peter Beer, acknowledged the hard work put in by all the councillors who organised and helped at the party.


At the precept meeting on 8 January 2007, Councillors agreed that £500 should be allocated from council funds for a further over 60’s Christmas party. More funds were also put aside for play equipment at the Hedgerows Estate. This equipment is very expensive so the Council would also need to apply for grants. It was noted that the new entrance doors at the Stevenson Centre had been installed and work for the ramp leading to the entrance would be completed shortly and this would provide better disabled-access to the Centre. This year, £3,000 was also needed for the May election expenses. Councillors agreed to an increase of 2.75% and in real terms this would mean a rise in the Parish rate for a Band D house of £1.83 per year, from £67.75 to £69.58


On 22 January, Councillors were informed of an invitation from the Suffolk PCT to take part in healthcare commissioning workshops, one of which will be held at Sudbury in February. This follows on from the PCT withdrawing the health proposals that led to the judicial review and referral to the Health Secretary being withdrawn. A further set of health proposals would go before the Scrutiny Committee at the end of March. There could then be a further opportunity for referral or request for a full consultation, if the plans did not safeguard health services for all in the Sudbury area.


Peter Beer also gave details of organisations in Great Cornard who have benefited from Suffolk County Council’s locality budget:


Guards Division Association, Suffolk, St. George’s Day Celebrations    £500
Great Cornard Scout Group, Camping Trailer and 8 Kayaks   £2,800
St. Andrew’s Church, church roof repairs   £3,000
Cornard Bowls Club, boundary fence works   £2,500
The Suffolk Royals, competition day   £700
Great Cornard Council, microphone amplifier system   £688
Great Cornard Council, Youth Shelter    £1,000 


Frances Jackson – Councillor for Great Cornard South


November 2006

Development and Planning News.

On 11th September 2006, Councillors received a report, considered out of committee, which recommended refusal of a planning application for 72 residential dwellings on Phase 2, of the Cornard Mills development. Amongst the many objections, it was felt that the proposed four storey dwellings would result in a loss of amenity for some properties on Bures Road. There are further concerns regarding the potentially dangerous access to this site as the only access crosses an unmanned level crossing and the possible problems for emergency vehicles using the single entrance to the estate. Also at this meeting, Councillors recommended refusal of the application to build 23 dwellings on the former Clibbon House site in Butt Road on the grounds of over-development, poor design, lack of privacy for nearby residents and parking issues.


However, despite Local Councillors’ objections, Babergh District Council planning committee approved both planning applications.


Councillors at the committee meeting of 25th September, 2006, received a consultation report from Suffolk County Council regarding a proposed mineral site at Chilton Quarry.  It was agreed that the Council did not support the Chilton site for potential sand and gravel extraction as:

(a) it would increase traffic along the already busy B1115

(b) access by lorries on to the A134 from the quarry would cause further traffic problems on the A134, a known accident ‘black spot,’

(c) Cornard Council does not want to see Sheepshead Hill used as a ‘rat run’ with traffic avoiding the lorries.



Chairman Peter Beer, a member of Suffolk County Council Health Scrutiny Committee, reported to the Full Council Meeting of 9th October 2006, that he had attended a further meeting at Ipswich and had proposed that health matters concerning the Sudbury Hospitals should be referred to the Health Secretary.  This proposal received overwhelming support from Suffolk Councillors. Frances Jackson represented and put the case for patients, Walnuttree Hospital Action Committee (WHAC) and the local community. We now await the result of this referral.


Christmas Party for the over 60’s

Once again Cornard residents over 60 are invited to a free Christmas Party at the Stevenson Centre on Tuesday 12th December at 2pm. Transport will be available. For further details, please contact the Parish Council Offices on 01787 373212.


Frances Jackson – Councillor for Great Cornard South


August 2006

At the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on 8 May 2006, Councillor Peter Beer was re-elected as Chairman and Councillor Christina Baker as Vice-Chairman. Other councillors were proposed and accepted for membership of the three committees, Development & Planning, Recreation & Leisure and Policies & Finance. Individual Councillors also agreed to represent the Parish Council on fourteen official bodies that include the North Cornard Regeneration Group, Citizens Advice Bureau, the Riverside Advisory Group, Police Forum and the Great Cornard Sports Centre Management Committee.


A consultation request from Suffolk County Council regarding the Suffolk Schools Organisation Review was also presented to the Council at this meeting and it was hoped that councillors and local residents would respond individually to this important document.


Also at the May council meeting, Peter Beer referred to Walnuttree Hospital and the threatened closure and reported to members that, as a member of the Suffolk County Council Health Scrutiny Committee, he had voted for referral to the Health Secretary but this motion was lost by one vote. In June, Martin Fryer reported that a judicial review was being considered. Also, the previous ruling by the Scrutiny Committee had been quashed and a further meeting on 12 September was arranged to reconsider whether to refer to the Health Secretary.  


A grant from Babergh District Council has, at last, been received to improve access to the entrance of the Stevenson Centre. These improvements include an automatic door and improved ramp. Building regulations have now been applied for, as the new ramp is for disabled access, but everything is in place to commence this work as soon as approval has been given.


The Parish Council has recently awarded the following grants:

Citizens Advice Bureau

St. Andrews Church

Home Start Babergh


Suffolk Accident Rescue Service

West Suffolk Association for the Blind

East Anglian Ambulance Trust Sudbury Responders

£ 600


£ 500

£ 300

£ 250

£ 100

£ 500

The Parish Council also sponsors D.A.S.H. and The Lunch Club for the use of a room and facilities at the Stevenson Centre.


Frances Jackson – Councillor for Great Cornard South


May 2006

Despite a 2227 signature petition and 562 completed objection forms being received, the Strategy Committee at Babergh District Council recommended that land by Carson’s Drive should be included in the Local Plan for building development and on April 11th at the Full Council meeting of Babergh District Council, the Local Plan, including this land, was adopted.  Several local District Councillors were barred from voting because they had previously signed a petition regarding the Carson’s Drive land. Many Parish Councillors were unhappy, as the views of local residents were not fully represented in that crucial debate.


The Sudbury and Great Cornard Cinema Group ‘Scool Screen’ project [Details on Page 5 – Ed.] was made possible thanks to £5,000 from the ‘Locality Budgets’ of three Suffolk County Councillors. Great Cornard Parish Councillors wish this venture every success.


On 11 April 2006, Councillors invited the vicar of Great Cornard, Reverend Jamie Allen, to speak at the full Council Meeting. He said he had received a very warm welcome to the village and looked forward to working with everyone. There is much to do. Urgent repairs are needed to the church roof and Councillors were shown plans for other work needed inside the church.  Revd. Allen spoke enthusiastically about the spiritual needs of our village, the newly formed church choir and the contacts he had made with local schools, children and parents.


Councillor Wil Gibson, representing the North Ward of Great Cornard, resigned from the Parish Council in March.  A notice was circulated in the village asking for names to be put forward for a by-election but to no avail. The matter was placed on the agenda of the April Parish Council meeting for Councillors to consider co-opting someone.  At the meeting names were put forward, a vote was taken and Mr. Neville Proctor was duly co-opted onto the Parish Council.


On 11 April 2006 the Primary Care Trust (PCT) board meeting at Bury St. Edmunds, which decided the fate of the Walnuttree and St. Leonard’s hospitals. The proposed recommendations, all unanimously adopted, are that wards at Walnuttree Hospital would close within six months and be replaced by six beds in local nursing homes. St. Leonard’s Hospital would close and services would operate from Walnuttree Hospital until the latter part of 2007, when it was hoped that the new health facility would be ready.


At the Annual Meeting of Sudbury Town Council, the PCT Chief Executive, Mike Stonard, said he could give no firm guarantee about future health services. Local Councillors, tried hard to get a referral to the Health Secretary but they were defeated. The reaction locally has been one of deep disappointment and disbelief that Suffolk West and Suffolk East could be treated so differently, particularly as it was felt that the case for referral was even stronger in West Suffolk.


So another Parish Council year ends. It has been a very disappointing time recently for all of us in Great Cornard. Councillors and residents have tried in vain to put across local opinions on planning and health matters. Many of us have marched, attended public meetings, signed petitions and written letters in an effort to make our voice heard.  On behalf of Parish Council I would like to thank the residents of Great Cornard for all their efforts and support in these very difficult times.


Frances Jackson – Councillor for Great Cornard South




Or... that fantastic Suzuki trail bike...depending on your point of view. There can’t be anyone in the village that hasn’t heard them, they may have assumed it was somebody using a chain saw, but no, it is motorbikes on the land above Shawlands Avenue.


First of all let’s make it perfectly clear. The Parish Council owns a strip of land along Shawlands Avenue, and the woods at the end towards the roundabout, and has passed a Bye-Law banning motorbikes from its land. Incidentally this law also applies to the Country Park and the Football Ground. Removing the signs, which the Council puts up, does not alter the fact that bikes are not allowed, and offenders are likely not only to be prosecuted by the Police but also pursued by the Council for compensation. The bikes make a lot of noise, damage the paths, trample down the plants and make it dangerous for other users of the land. Also many bikes are un-roadworthy & uninsured.


On the other hand.....

A constructive hobby keeps one out of mischief and should be encouraged. Anyone learning about bikes and engine maintenance is acquiring extra skills, which can only be a benefit. So, maybe the problem is ensuring that youthful exuberance is channelled in the right direction by, for instance, joining an organised motorcycle club, or having some instruction in how to ride safely and legally. Come on then, Great Cornard, is there someone out there who would be willing and able to take on the task. Give me a ring at the Council Office on (01787) 373212.


Michael Fitt – Council Manager


February 2006

27 Jan 2006. Planning issues have once again hit the headlines at Great Cornard. Parish Councillors were extremely upset to learn that land, originally designated as a Special Landscape Area in the Local Plan, had received the planning Inspector’s approval to build 170 homes east of Carsons Drive on the outskirts of Great Cornard. Local residents were therefore out in force at the Parish Council Meeting of 12th December. In the adjournment period, they made their feelings known to the councillors present. When the council meeting resumed, the following resolution was passed.


“This Parish Council objects most vigorously to the latest addition to the Local Plan of ‘Carsons Drive Field’ being used for housing at any density and to protect and maintain the S.L.A. around Great Cornard.”


A public meeting attended by officers from Babergh District Council and Parish Council members took place on 18th January 2006. Around 250 people packed the Stevenson Centre to hear Mike Hammond, Corporate Director and Rich Cooke, Acting Head of Planning Policy & Economic Development, give details of issues surrounding this land and details of the consultation process. Residents expressed their concern regarding inadequate infrastructure such as local roads, possible hospital closures and other medical facilities, and the loss of amenity, wild life and national heritage views. The officials were left in no doubt of the strong feelings within our community. A vote was taken at the end of the meeting and there was unanimous support for fighting these proposals. This was also the inaugural meeting of the Save Gainsborough Country Action Group and many people signed forms registering their support for this group.


The consultation period will run from Wednesday 18th January to Wednesday 1st March inclusive. If you wish to respond to this document, consultation forms are obtainable from the Parish Council Offices at the Stevenson Centre, Great Cornard or can be downloaded from the Babergh District Council website.


Frances Jackson – Councillor for Great Cornard South




To the ratepayers in the Parish of Great Cornard. This is the first year that I have had to prepare the village precept – or financial budget – for 2006/7. I have found it very interesting and some of the sums of money that we have to pay, quite frightening. There were some figures from the budget that I thought you may be interested in – or even shocked by.

How much do you think we have to pay for the following items? (Only one price is correct).


1.  A fitted street light?                   £500,    £1,000,   £1,100

2.  A fitted dog waste bin?                 £50,   £75,   £100

3.  A contract to empty the waste bins and dog bins per year?   £1,000,   £1,100,   £1,500

4.  Rates payable on the cemetery?    £50,   £100,   £110

5.  Water rates on the Allotments?   £240,   £290,   £350

6.  Children’s play area, 2 rung ladder, not fitted?   £350,   £400,   £500

7.  Children’s play area, bouncy turtle, not fitted?  £500,   £1,200,  £2,000


The correct answers are:

1. £1,100 - 2. £100 - 3. £1,100 - 4. £110 - 5. £290 - 6. £400 - 7. £1,200 - Total £4,300


You will see just how quickly we can use our budget! This money is given to us by Babergh District Council but The Councils Audit, a national body who audits our accounts, is now recommending a general reserve of 25% to 40% (£40,000!) of our budget, which is a large amount of money to have on standby. So this year we have had to put our reserve up to £10,000.


Mrs Christina Baker - Vice-Chairman, Great Cornard Parish Council


November 2005

25 Oct 2005. The protest march held in Sudbury on 10th September and organised by the Walnuttree Hospital Action Committee, was attended by most of our parish councillors. They joined MP Tim Yeo, Lord Phillips, the Mayor of Sudbury, other councillors, health workers, townspeople and many others from the surrounding areas. Councillors also attended a road show, organised by the Primary Care Trust and held at St. Peter’s Church, Sudbury, which enabled the public to answer questions about the proposed changes in health care.


The Primary Care Trust has produced a consultation document entitled ‘Modernising Healthcare in West Suffolk’ and the closing date of the consultation period has been extended to December 12th. It is vitally important for Great Cornard residents to respond to this document so that local views are known and there is still time to do so. A consultation pack, which includes advice sheet and s.a.e., can be obtained from Sudbury Town Hall. Members of the hospital action group will also be giving these packs out on Saturday mornings outside the Town Hall. The aims of the campaign, in which the Parish Council is involved, are to preserve existing and future health care in this area and not about preserving the bricks and mortar of the old Sudbury hospital buildings.


Turning to other matters, at the end of September the Parish Council completed the purchase of land in Great Cornard, known as Danes Hole. This land is between two areas of the Country Park that the Parish Council already own. The aim of this purchase is to increase the range of facilities and habitats for the benefit of local people and wildlife, thus enhancing the environmental value of this area. The Parish Council has set up a working party to re-assess the whole of the Country Park.


Two sports clubs in Great Cornard have benefited from grants from the personal locality budget of Suffolk Councillor and Parish Council Chairman, Peter Beer. Cornard Cricket Club, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, is to put the award of £1,500 towards a new lawn mower and Cornard United FC Juniors have purchased a new set of goals with the £800 awarded to them. Mr. Beer has said he wishes to spend his locality budget on good causes that will benefit the people of Great Cornard.


At the September meeting of the Parish Council, it was formally agreed to the setting up of a Parish Council Benevolent Fund. Various fund-raising activities, such as car boot sales have taken place at the Stevenson Centre during the past year and formal arrangements were needed for the distribution of funds. Any funds held or distributed, however, do not form part of the Parish Council’s grants to the community.


Senior citizens of Great Cornard will benefit from this Benevolent Fund. The Parish Council is pleased to announce that there will be a Christmas Tea for all residents of Great Cornard who are over 60. It will be held at the Stevenson Centre on 6th December 2005 from 2pm to 4pm. Although it is not possible to provide transport for everyone, if there is a person with a particular difficulty of getting to the centre, help may be available. If you are a Great Cornard resident who would like to attend the Christmas Tea, please contact the Council Office, (Tel. 373212) so that your name can be added to the list.


Please also note that the minutes of Great Cornard Parish Council meetings are available at The Stevenson Centre, Stevenson Approach, Great Cornard or on an independently run website www.cornard.info


Frances Jackson  - Councillor for Great Cornard South.


August 2005

17 May 2005. A meeting was held to discuss the problems caused by vehicles parked by visitors to the Rugby Club and to find an acceptable way forward, pending the club's move to new premises. Several Parish Councillors, Rugby Club representatives, Suffolk Constabulary, Great Cornard Sports Centre and residents of Rugby Road attended the meeting. There was a full and frank exchange of views, during which all parties had the opportunity to speak and to state their point of view. The following action points were agreed:

  • All visiting teams will be sent a map by the Fixtures Secretary showing the location of parking at the Sports Centre, Bakers Mill and Guildford Europe.

  • The Rugby Club will circulate all residents with a copy of the fixture list, with one copy to go to the Cornard Police beat officers.

  • The Rugby Club will try to ensure that volunteer marshals are on duty to direct parking; bearing in mind the nature of some fixtures when visitors arrive throughout the day.

  • Cones will be put out on match days to indicate "No Parking". A Moorsfield resident has volunteered for this duty.

  • Parking will be firstly in the limited space at the Rugby Club, thereafter at the Sports Centre.

  • When the Rugby Club car park is full, a sign will be placed at the entrance to Rugby Road, indicating that parking is at the Sports Centre.

Hopefully, these measures will bring about a satisfactory conclusion to a local issue that has troubled residents for many years.


10 July 2005. On a bright, sunny morning, councillors attended a service of thanksgiving in St. Andrews Church to commemorate VE/VJ Day. The salute was taken by Peter Beer, Chairman of Great Cornard Parish Council, as the Royal British Legion and the 1st Great Cornard Scouts paraded back to the Stevenson Centre where refreshments were then served to invited guests.


29 June 2005. Parish Councillors attended a meeting in St. Peter's Church, Sudbury, called by MP Tim Yeo, to discuss the proposed closures of inpatient/outpatient services at Walnut Tree and St. Leonard's Hospitals, Sudbury. The church was packed with people from all over the Sudbury area. Feelings were high as the audience heckled and jeered the executives from the Suffolkwest Primary Care Trust and the West Suffolk Hospital Trust. The executives said that the Walnut Tree wards would close and all outpatient services in Sudbury would be centralised at West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St. Edmunds. There was anger and disbelief at these decisions as they came only seven months after Walnut Tree Hospital had been reprieved last year. However, the audience were told that no final decision had yet been made and there would be a twelve week consultation period. The audience were given forms to send to Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary, and many signed a petition.


11 July 2005. The hospital closures were again discussed at the Parish Council Meeting. Councillors expressed great concern about the proposed closure of all community beds and outpatient services in Sudbury. It was felt that Great Cornard should be represented on the Hospital Action Group and Councillors Frances Jackson and Martin Fryer were nominated to represent the Parish Council. It is hoped that residents will help the campaign in whatever way they can in order to keep essential health services in the Sudbury area.


Frances Jackson  - Councillor for Great Cornard South.


May 2005

Great Cornard Parish Council consists of 14 councillors, 7 for the South Ward - Peter Beer(C), Humphrey Todd(C), John Sayers(C), Tina Baker(C), Frances Jackson(C), David Thomas(C), Robert Sims(C) and 7 for the North Ward - Carol Beer(C), Martin Fryer(C), Tony Bavington(L), Wil Gibson(L), Neil MacMaster(L), Pam White(L), Derek Allen(UKIP). The Parish Councillors are unpaid and come from a variety of backgrounds and hold different beliefs. The one thing that unites them is their wish to serve the community. They hold office for four years and then have to stand for re­-election. [ Click here to view the List of Parish Councillors ]


There are usually two council meetings per month; the second week of each month is for the full council meeting plus a planning meeting, and the fourth week of each month is for committee meetings. [ Click here to view the Calendar of Meetings ] The three committees are Development and Planning, Recreation and Leisure and Policies and Finance. Residents from Great Cornard can attend these meetings at the Stevenson Centre. There is a fifteen-minute adjournment for the public to ask questions at the full council meeting. [ Click here to view the Parish Council Minutes ]


The Parish Council Manager is Michael Fitt and the Clerical Assistant is Nadine Tamlyn. Both are based at The Stevenson Centre, Stevenson Approach, Great Cornard and can be contacted on (01787) 373212. If a resident has a concern that needs to be raised at a meeting, a letter needs to be sent to the council at least 7 days before the meeting.


The Parish Council hopes that this column will become a regular feature in the Cornard News, as it is a way to keep residents better informed of events in our village. I have been asked to write the reports and hope that residents will find them informative.


Frances Jackson  - Councillor for Great Cornard South.