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Page updated - 20 November 2011


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Currently there no recent reports of the progress. I am aware that progress is being made regarding keeping this important Community facility but there have been no updates submitted to this website since August 2011. Sadly, I can only add updates AFTER I receive them. So, 'come on guys'. Let me have an update and then I can share it with others via the pages on this website. Tony - 20 Nov 2011



Past, Present & Future - Some of the Background to this campaign.


11 May 2011- Minutes - 11 May 2011 - Public Meeting at Wells Hall Old School.

7 June 2011- Minutes - 7 June 2011 - Public Meeting at Stevenson Centre.

7 June 2011- Presentation - 7 June 2011 - Presentation given by Tony Harman at the meeting.

Letter from Paul Press - 7 June 2011 - Letter from Paul Press (Offshoot Films).

Press Release 1 - 14 July 2011 - Press Release 1 was written by Chris Proffitt.

27 July 2011 - BBC Radio Suffolk - Chris Proffitt & Tony Harman - Interviewer Philippa Taylor.

[ This audio file is available here by kind permission of BBC Radio Suffolk ]

August 2011 - Cornard News - August 2011 - WHOS articles published in Cornard News.



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Please contact us with your views, offers and suggestions for Wells Hall Old School or to receive email updates. Just send an email using either of these email hyperlinks . I will guarantee that I will not pass your contact details and/or your identity to anyone unless you give permission for your details to be shared. - Tony.