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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 023

Page updated - 12 January 2016


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Comment by Tony - 12 January 2016



STOP PRESS - (Well almost)

Sorry for the short notice but, only recently, I learnt there is another meeting of the Sudbury Steering Group in the Town Hall at 4pm on Friday 15 January 2016. At the meeting the Sudbury Steering Group will be announcing their recommendations for the future of Sudbury Bus Station. If you have any interest in the bus service in, and around, Sudbury then please try and attend. Also try to ensure that all your questions are answered . . . . even if you have to be really persistent in obtaining a valid answer.


For 'starters' here are just a couple of my concerns to which I need answers:

1. What options were available and who selected these options for consideration.

2. What consultation has there been with the bus-using public, local business owners & service suppliers - Facts not assumptions!


I am given to believe that most of the Steering Group do not use the buses and very few actually live in Sudbury.

If this is true then how can an small unelected, and largely unrepresentative, group have so much influence on local issues.


Tony - 12 January 2016



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