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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 022

Page updated - 20 September 2015


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Comment from Tony - 15 September 2015



'ALL CHANGE' is the what you might hear in the bus at the end of the bus route but this time it is the response from the Sudbury Steering Group having had so much adverse feedback to their 'preferred option' of demolishing the current Bus Station for two separate two three-bay pull-ins.


Now, the Steering Group are suggesting 'they' still prefer the two three-bay option - one in Girling Street and the other in Great Eastern Road - but are willing to give further consideration to a new Bus Station near the Kingfisher Leisure Centre.


For those that have not seen the expert report commissioned by Suffolk County Council here is the link:



If the Steering Group can give further consideration to another option from their preconceived 'list of options', perhaps they should be 'persuaded' to actually listen to the bus-using public and the local shop keepers BEFORE they create their list of preferred options?


Yet another inoperable, and out-of-date, 'suggested option' from March 2009 is that of the Sudbury Society and can be viewed at:



When viewing ALL these 'proposed options' they seem to have been 'conceived in isolation' without any consideration of many of the surrounding impacts that would occur if these options were implemented. Also they could be viewed as having been formulated by a number of individuals who obviously do not have a need to rely on the bus services.


Many local 'folks' have concerns regarding any changes to the Sudbury Bus Station and how it would effect us all in and around the Sudbury area. However there are far more people who have very serious concerns regarding the continued loss of retail shops only to be 'replaced' by charity shops.


Surely, it would far better to concentrate on sustaining and increasing the retail outlets and other services in Sudbury before wasting time on considering any changes to the slightly-scruffy but, currently, fully functional Bus Station.


If there is no need for people to use buses to travel to and from Sudbury, there will be no need for a Bus Station.

Could this be the plan?


The following hyperlink will give you another viewpoint that you may find of interest:




Here, possibly for the insomniacs,  is yet another transport related report carried out on 27 & 28 February 2013. Sorry but I do not know the cost to us.



Tony - 20 September 2015



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