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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 020

Page updated - 15 September 2015


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Comment from Tony - 15 September 2015



I feel I should also add a short comment.


I am very grateful for all the kind words, emails and conversations regarding the current Sudbury Bus Station fiasco from many 'folks'.


I would really like to include all of these concerns and observations, in the Bus Station area on this website. Some of these correspondents have requested that I do not use their 'inputs'; whereas other 'inputs' would need some serious re-writing to remove the expletives or protect me from the legal action of others!


Sadly, I have also received many concerns about intimidation, threats of intimidation, and several, alleged, examples of actual intimidation. Until recently, I had not fully realised how far the intimidation and bullying extends and the number of local 'hidden agendas' being applied to influence various 'decisions'.


Perhaps naively, I still try and believe that 'we' live in a democracy and that all those who we elect to represent us; actually represent us. I will leave it to your imagination to 'guess' what my comments may be about those who 're-direct' our taxes either to be 'spent on our behalf' or for their salaries and expenses.


If you are able, please correspond with me on all local matters and I will continue to support democracy in any way that I can. I will always do everything that I can to be responsible, accountable and accessible; not only about the bus station but in everything where I can assist.


Tony - 15 September 2015




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