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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 017

Page updated - 14 September 2015


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Email received 09 September 2015



I am somewhat baffled as to what the point of this steering committee is?


It is in my view a roll that our Local Councillors should be taking on. This Steering Committee have, as far as I can tell, no expertise in transport of redevelopment. Even dafter is that Suffolk Country Council have already been through this and came up with a reasonably viable and flexible plan and the transport aspect was confirmed by the later WSP report!


I will be interested to see if the Steering Committee can come up with a draft plan for the site as they keep saying they want to move forward with this which they cannot without a plan. It is not in their remit in any case as they cannot make any decision although the confused terms of reference say both that they can on one page and cannot on another.


The Suffolk County Council Report has a detailed outline plan for the site which was arrived at following extensive consultation. It suggest leisure or a cinema on the first floor of a part of the site. I am not sure of the viability of that given there is a leisure centre a few hundred yards down the road.


My view is a Cinema is not likely to be viable and the site is not big enough for a multi screen and parking would be a problem. If Sudbury were to get a Cinema is most likely to be out of town.


The Suffolk County Council report shows their final plan for the site on page 16. It looks perfectly acceptable to me!






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