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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 016

Page updated - 14 September 2015


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Email received 08 September 2015



I note that the Sudbury Steering Committee was a pilot and a review of it was to take place within a year. Where is there a copy of this review?


I note that this committee has no representative from local bus companies. This is a key part of the redevelopment and would have a key part to play. Why are they not represented?


Why was there no bus-users representation on the committee?


No minute/ notes have been published for June 2015 and nothing at all for August 2015: Why not?


Why have the Steering committee failed to properly consult with both the electorate and our local councils, particularly as this group has been going for over 3 years.


The Steering Committee keep saying they wish to progress this but have no clear plan or strategy. So far they have now proposed 3 different options which are largely unworkable and have not been thought through. Why is this happening?


Exactly which bus companies were consulted and on which the options were they consulted? Where is there a copy of their responses?


Where is there a copy of the draft proposals for the site?  So far, other than them wanting to remove the bus station, we have had nothing at all from them.


Can anyone explain why local democracy is being by passed by this Committee?




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