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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 014

Page updated - 06 September 2015


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Email received from Luke Cresswell on 06 September 2015




The well-attended consultation meeting last Friday, organised by the so-called Sudbury Steering Group made two things abundantly clear; the people of the area prefer to keep and improve the current bus station but, if the Steering Group gets it's way, they are likely to be ignored.


An unelected body with half it's members - including its leading lights - not living in Sudbury, the Steering Group persists in championing a cause that carries no local support.


Though it's supposed to consult people and channel their views to the County Council, all it does is feed in opinions of a few self - selecting individuals. Chair of the Group, Simon Barrett, who makes a living from motor cars and admits to never using buses, remains convinced he knows what's best for those who do use the buses.  


His newest initiative is to scrap Sudbury Town and Cornard Parish Councils without so much as talking to the Councils or the folk who elect the councillors. Someone should help him to distinguish between crass insensitivity and the decisive leadership he spuriously claims to offer.


Sudbury doesn't need more 'old boys clubs' or unaccountable quangos. The Town Council is perfectly capable of expressing local views and preferences to Babergh District Council and Suffolk County Council without any steering from Simon Barrett. The fact that so many people turned out for the meeting on Friday, to say this loud and clear, was heartening.


Let's challenge and defeat the vested interests and get the improvements to our present bus station that are so long overdue.


Luke Cresswell.




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