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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 009

Page updated - 02 September 2015


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Comment by Tony - 31 August 2015



Until fairly recently I had never heard of the Sudbury Steering Group so this page is what I have, and have not, found out to date. I will continue to add to it as I learn more. It would seem that the group, although not ostensibly a decision-making body, would seem able to make fairly serious, and probably long-lasting changes by making, recommendations on our behalf. The Sudbury Steering Group seems to have been formed in June 2012. Bearing this in mind, you can probably understand why I am a little surprised that I not heard of them before.


To read the published Agendas, Main notes / Actions from 11 October 2013 to the most recent meetings visit:



Sadly, I cannot find any agendas, Main Notes / Actions for the period June 2012 to 11 October 2013. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to let me know where, and how, I can access them.


Here are two hyperlinks to further information.

Sudbury Steering Group Terms of Reference:



Associated Background Paper (Pilot SGG):



As the members are 'steering' on our behalf, I feel we should have access to a list of the current members which, hopefully, will include a profile of what, or who, they represent on our behalf. I have not 'researched' this item yet but will share what I find.


Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you can add to my fairly sparse knowledge of the Sudbury Steering Group, or if you have any questions of your own regarding the group. Hopefully this page will 'grow' as more information becomes available regarding the Sudbury Steering Group and its work.


Could it be that the group just has not had the publicity they deserves?


Tony - 31 August 2015

Webmaster - cornard.info



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