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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 008

Page updated - 31 August 2015


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Comment by Tony - 31 August 2015



The comments, below, are with reference to the original email (see Comment 007) and resulting emails received and all forwarded to me from Sudbury Buses email. There is no need to comment on most of the content of the email as it self-explanatory in its motivation and purpose.



Unless I missed it the Sudbury Bus Station Appraisal Report by WSP for Suffolk County Council was focussed almost exclusively on the movement of buses. It would seem no opportunity was 'afforded' to either the bus users, retail outlets or other any service providers as to their requirements. This would seem like a very great 'opportunity missed' as many of the bus users also visit the retailers and service providers in Sudbury.


Moving the Bus Station should not be the primary issue but identifying what would provide greatest benefit, and for whom, should be paramount. Perhaps if more 'folks' had been given the chance to voice their requirements and concerns, there would not have been so much 'emotive dialogue' recently regarding the Bus Station or the possible need for a larger venue for the Public Meeting this coming Friday.


I know there will be some 'folks' who will object to this view by saying something like 'well you can't ask everyone'. I am not, for one moment, suggesting that everyone has to be asked but identifying the real requirement and considering benefits for bus users and those who benefit from the bus users should be the first task. Just because someone may have added an item to an agenda does not qualify it as worthy of spending our money on it.


Local councils do not have their own money, it is our money. Please remember that we all have responsibility to ensure that our money is wisely spent.


Here are a couple of examples, that I seem to remember featured in the local press, of what some may consider as a waste of our money:

One example is the two 'speed humps' in the roads near St. Peters' Church that, allegedly, cost about 80,000 and another is the car parking area at the rear of Sudbury Town Hall that, allegedly, will result in a final cost of 750,000. Please correct me if I have used the wrong figures.


Don't let any changes to the Bus Station be a waste of our money.


Having mentioned our money, can someone please tell me the cost that was incurred commissioning the WSP report? I will be interested to learn the figure and, when I know, I will add it to the website then we will ALL have the information.


One email response to the last Sudbury Buses email (see Comment 007)about the unpleasant emails received and stated that 'if you put your head above the parapet, some people will take pot shots at you. If you care, you just have to keep going'. That is quite an interesting comment.


From personal experience, I know that to have an opinion of ones own is considered by some as confrontational. However, this is the usual response from someone without a realistic and valid point of view that can be qualified and quantified. It is the response often employed by the prima-donnas and bullies in our society when you don't accept their point of view. Sadly, for them, I do not succumb to intimidation but will change my mind if I am wrong. I am sure that most of us come across these sorts of individuals from time to time but it is the way in which one responds to their intimidation that is important.


There are other comments made in emails, and other points that I which to share, but I can include these in future Comment pages.


Tony - 31 August 2015

Webmaster - cornard.info



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