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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 007

Page updated - 30 August 2015


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Email received 30 August 2015 - From Sudbury Buses



Sudbury Buses was set up to support people who are bus users and often have to rely on buses.

A few emails have been sent and several replies received.

Most emails about the bus station supported us and were pleasant, but some were not.


Some emailers want to know who is sending the emails and who from.

Is this important or is it certain people arenít considered?

Is it only the number of people that make the comments count?


The Sudbury Buses people are all ages. Young to old or their relatives or friends.

All have to rely on the local buses even if there is a poor or no bus service in some villages.

Sometimes buses only run a few times a week and even then over a mile away.

Some canít afford a computer, even without broadband. No internet shopping for them.

Some canít afford money for newspapers.

Many canít drive.

One or two have serious sight problems.

All value their independence using the buses.

Sudbury Buses was set up to support them and others of us who have to use buses.


There has been many comments about the bus station.

The bus station may not be good but it works.

Some bus routes are barely profitable now.

Less bus users means less need for buses.

Some bus services have been reduced or even cut.

Without enough users there will be no local buses and buses will only pass through Sudbury.


Before wasting time on changing the bus station, work on more important problems.

More important to stop the shops closing down.

Less shops means less people.

Less people means less buses.

Less people means less trade.

Less trade means more shops will close down.


Many canít just jump in the car to go to the shops.

Some struggle on only the pension.

Some of us may not be rich but we all deserve to be considered.


The public meeting on Friday 4th Sept. [ I believe 4pm at Sudbury Town Hall - Webmaster ]

Many who should be there wonít be because of still being at work

 or because there would be no bus to take them home afterwards.

Not a good time for a public meeting if you want bus users who rely on buses.


If you got this email then somebody thought you can help.

We need your help.

If canít or wonít help then send it to someone who can and will help.


Have had lots emails of support from supporters but a few unpleasant emails.

Not prepared to be upset by the unpleasant emails.

Probably Sudbury Buses will not be sending any more emails.


Tony runs www.cornard.info website and has agreed to display our emails.

Send emails to him on bus_station@cornard.info

Read his website with our emails and comments from others as well.


Before we started we were warned how horrible some people are, I now believe it.

Thank you to all the people who support us and shame on those who donít or wonít.

If you can make a difference then do so but try and be nice when doing it.





To add your comment to this campaign, email your input to have your say about Sudbury Bus Station.


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