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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 005

Page updated - 25 August 2015


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Email received 25 August 2015



The Steering Committee having had pretty much a 100% opposition to their split location of they bus station now are saying they will look at option 4  which is by the Kingfisher Leisure Centre. [ So much for the 'consultation' & 'engagement'? - Webmaster. ]


It was an option ruled out by the WSP report and in my view is a very poor location.  It is a long way from the town centre at about 400 to 500 metres. It is nearer to the rail station but few passengers go by bus to the rail station about 99% are going to the town Centre.


This new bus station would be located by a very busy roundabout. Having buses turn in and out almost onto a roundabout is in my view both a hazard and will cause congestion. It will also expose passengers to high levels of pollution.


Safe pedestrian access is another issue. It is also probably the most costly option requiring major road lay out changes. That general area is also already very busy  and a bus station there would make it far worse.


The view of the person who sent this email is still that option 4 is the only viable solution and that this is the option that should be proceeded with subject to public consultation. It is also the option that almost every report  has concluded is the best option.


For those that have not seen the expert report commissioned by Suffolk County Council here is the link:



It might be worth putting a poll up on the Web site to see which is the option most favoured by the public and bus uses. A proper transport hub is essential for Sudbury and it should allow for growth in bus usage and should also include parking space for cycles, public toilets and a taxi rank.



[ Send in your preferred using my preferred option is and I will run a total for each option on the Sudbury Bus Station index page - Webmaster. ]



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