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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 004

Page updated - 24 August 2015

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Email received 24 August 2015



This email is sent to you from someone who uses buses to shop and attend hospital appointments.


Copy this email to any resident who should see it before we lose even more of our public transport.



Many local people would not be happy if the bus station moved from Hamilton Road.


There are two main issues:

A. The idea of split bus sites is not acceptable to residents and/or bus users. The majority objecting to the Girling Street site but happier with a site close to the railway and having electronic timetables, toilets and shelter.


B. What timescale is there for changes? With no known developers interested in the Hamilton Road site, if the bus station moved Hamilton Road would become a wasteland.



Residents were consulted some years ago on a new bus station. However, the chosen site did not appear at the recent 'Engagement' held at the Town Hall.


 If there were any development of the Hamilton Road area it must include improved road junctions at Belle Vue and Great Eastern Road which, at the moment, are very dangerous for both pedestrians and road users. New road signage is vital to take heavy lorries away from our narrow, old streets. Heavy traffic is very damaging to the structure of these old buildings.



Send other email addresses to sudburybuses@hotmail.com to be added to the email list.


I have been told that more information & comment is on community website www.cornard.info


My regards B.



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