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Sudbury Bus Station - Comment 003

Page updated - 20 August 2015

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Email received 20 August 2015



A detailed study of the Steering Committees Option 7 proposals highlights many safety issues and operational problems.


The plans show a new roundabout on the Station side of Great Eastern Road it also shows that there would be no right turn from Station Road meaning all traffic would have no direct access to the station. To get to the station they would have to turn left  and go up Great Eastern Road then around the roundabout and back down  Great Eastern Road which is just daft.


They also propose to wedge in a pedestrian crossing between al these junctions in a stretch of road of about 20 metres between Station Road and Francis Road . They then propose 3 bus stands and another pedestrian crossing between Francis Road and the Cornard Road roundabout. The total distance there is about a 120 metres.


There are restriction on how close you can have bus stops to junctions and roundabouts and a requirement for zigzag lines either side of a crossing. The typical length  of a full size bus is 12 Metres which means it is not really practicable to have 3 bus stops there. There also seem to be no logic as to why there are only 3 bus stops. I suspect it is 3 because that's all they can fit in. Logically buses coming from the Cornard  direction and from the Braintree direction would need to use Great Eastern Road but that's about 90% of the buses and 3 bus stops will not be adequate.


It will be very difficult for buses to use these 3 stops as they are so close together. The lack of provision for crew changeovers and lay-overs will also be a big problem as are the lack of any proper provision for passengers. The buses would have to go up station road, around the roundabout  back down Great Eastern Road to park up in the Coach and Lorry Park.


The split option defies any logic or common sense one can only assume there is another agenda in play. The committee have given no justification for their decision at all and when questioned on it become very defensive and hostile.


To see how crazy their proposal is you need to look on Google maps street view.



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